Bowen | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Williamsport Indiana

Wowzers. That's what I am thinking the entire time while editing this session. It was a dream while shooting the session and after going through the photos and choosing my favorites, I just can't get over how perfect this session was.

Bowen was such a deep sleeper. He loved to be cuddled and kisses. But what I couldn't get over was his head of hair!! HE HAD SO MUCH HAIR. I couldn't believe it. I'm still trying to figure out what the secret it!! My babies are so bald when they are born.

I also loved spending time with Melissa and Adam. They really are so sweet and genuine. And they love Bowen so much. You can see it in their eyes and how they hold him. They just embraced being parents and are loving this time with him. I'm so honored I was able to come into their home and photograph this time for them.

ANNNND I'm a little obsessed with their rocker. It was amazing. 

I'll share with you why the lifestyle newborn session was so perfect and how you can have a session just like this.

  1. Have a lifestyle shoot in your home. 

    1. This terrifies a lot of people. They look at their home and all they see is a disaster. Or they aren't sure how it will work. Or if their space will work. Let me tell you, every single home can work for a lifestyle session. And you don't even need to clean up every single part of your home. I will chat with you to discover what rooms have the best lighting and then we will shoot in those spaces. Typically we will shoot in the master bedroom, living room, and then the nursery. 
    2. When I arrive, I will hide cords and anything that I think will be distracting in the photos. Usually I push them under the bed.
    3. And having a lifestyle shoot is so easy for you and your family. You stay put and I come to you! It's so easy. It takes all the stress out of packing the kiddos up (especially when siblings are involved).
  2. Take this time to relax and enjoy this precious bundle. 

    1. This is the beauty of lifestyle photos. It revolves around your intimate and beautiful relationships. And after having a baby, all of your relationships are evolving and deepening to create this incredible story. 
    2. Cuddle and kiss your baby lots. This will create gorgeous photos and help you relax during the session. 
  3. Include something memorable.

    1. This is a way to make your session unique and special. During this session, we included a special blanket for a series of photos that is an heirloom in their family. We also did a few fox photos because mama loves foxes! 
  4. Wear something simple. 

    1. I will always be a fan of clean, white outfits. Or something simple. This allows the focus to be on baby. 
    2. It will not cast any weird light reflections.
    3. It will always match any room when you print the photos out. 
    4. I also love when baby is in something simple and clean. And easy to take off. Onsies are perfect for this. 
  5. Feed baby RIGHT before I arrive. 

    1. This gives us the largest window to photograph while the baby is happy. 

With these simple tips, your lifestyle newborn session will be so special and intimate. It will be something you will cherish forever. These are becoming some of my most favorite sessions I do. If this intrigues you, let me know!! I'd love to help.