Lukas is One Week Old!

I am a mom of three now!

I am not going to lie, I have been a little terrified of having three. I was entering again the world of unknown. And honestly my 4 year old and 2 year old are amazing right now. I was afraid I was messing everything up by adding a newborn to the mix! 

Well he was born March 1st (I'll be sharing my birth story later!), and it turns out it isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I don’t necessarily feel outnumbered. But instead I feel like I have two little helpers with me all to help with the newborn. 

Ian helps get dressed, helps his sister, helps get things for me. He’s so great. Mila is my official dirty diaper thrower awayer. It’s like she has a radar for them! 

So, so far so good. And I love my Little Lukas to pieces. He seems like he was meant to be here and completes our little tribe. 

But things that are still hard:

  • Nursing! Oh my goodness. With every baby I feel like there is a learning curve for both me and the baby. And my nipples definitely were raw for a week. Now they are getting better and maybe tougher! Things that help with this are: letting your milk dry on your nipples, lanolin or mothers love, showers with gentle soap, air drying, coconut oil. All these things help heal and soothe your soar nipples. 
  • Sleep. I don’t get much sleep-especially with three kids. And napping is something that doesn’t come easy for me. I always feel like I need to or want to be doing something. I need to learn how to relax and sleep when the baby is asleep, especially when my husband is home with me. Our nighttime schedule is like this: goes to bed around 8, wakes up to nurse at 12:00, back down at 1:00, wakes up at 5:00 and we change diaper and nurse, back to bed at 6:00 and then awake around 7:30/8:00ish. Whenever he wakes up i feed him and then often times he goes right back to bed. He sleeps so dang much! I’m jealous! So right now I feel like my days are very simple: napping and nursing. That's about it. 

I wanted to share some photos from the hospital of him.

These are always some of my favorite photos because he is so new and so fresh! And in the hospital it feels like it is just us in the world. I love those moments so much. 

Man, just looking back is craziness to me. This whole time period goes by so fast. It's hard to believe it was a week ago we were sitting there in the hospital. It feels like it was just yesterday, but also at the same time a long long time ago. How does that work?

What are your thoughts? Do you love hospital photos as much as I do?

If you are interested or have questions about hospital photos, let me know! All my packages have this is an addon and it is something you will treasure forever. 

Fresh 48 photos are so intimate and special. They are typically 30 minutes long. I come in a take photos of your little family, holding and cuddling your babe and then photos of. Just your little one. It is such a sweet experience!