Lukas' Birth Story

I have been waiting to share this with you until I could share my birth photos from my talented friend Victoria, from Victoria Rayburn Photography. I love her so much and felt so blessed to have her there documenting this time for us. 

We decided to have it photographed because we didn't find out what we were having and we wanted to document this experience. And I just love giving birth. Don't get me wrong, it is painful - but I love the outcome and I love how incredible our bodies are as women. It is the most empowering moment when you realize that your body not only created this little human, but you were able to push it out of you. It still blows my mind and is so hard to wrap my head around! 

So let me begin. 

It was March 1st. We made it to his due date! I have mentally prepared to carry this baby this long. I was praying that it wouldn't be any longer - otherwise I don't think I would leave my bed ever. 

We had a doctor's appointment earlier that day, and we asked our amazing doctor to strip the membrane and see if that will help get things moving along. We did this with our other two, and we went into labor within 24 hours afterwards - so we were hopeful! 

The day continued as normal. Took the kids to preschool, edited photos, took an amazing nap, and then sent Curt off to take the kids to basketball practice. I was in the middle of cooking dinner and I was starting to feel pain in my back. So I opted to stay home.


It was 5:30. It starts as back pain that ebbs and flows. It’s uncomfortable but not unbearable at all. Being my third kiddo I know what was happening. I just didn’t know how fast or when it would actually happen. I actually sent curt and the kids to the YMCA for basketball practice. And when he was there I was texting him: Curt this is going to happen tonight!

It was a crazy feeling but I wasn’t scared at all. I was prepared and ready.

6:00 pm

By 6:00 the pain had increased and was happening more regularly. And then the kids came home.

Man. Laboring with kids was stressful. They had no clue what was going on. I even told them, guys mom is having a baby tonight. And I am definitely in pain right now. That went right over there heads. Mila was super duper hungry and grumpy and just wanted me to hold her. I wanted to so bad but I just couldn’t.

Curt was running out to the car to pack things up. I turned on a movie for the kids, poured a bunch of gold fish on their plates and tried to manage my pain. Movie helped instantly. But I so wanted to help them get ready for bed and kiss them goodnight. But that definitely didn’t happen. I barely talked to Megan when she arrived. At this point around 7:00 contractions were happening every 3 minutes and were pretty painful.


We arrived at the hospital at 7:10 pm and I just knew this was going to happen real fast. Contractions were every 2 minutes at this point.

We got up to our room and they checked me. I was at 7 cm and dilating quickly. I pretty much didn’t open my eyes the rest of the time. I was trying to focus on relaxing and breathing. Curt was busy signing papers and helping me as much as he could. He was amazing.

7:30 pm  

They lay me down and it’s around 7:30 now. They ask where my pain is mostly. It’s pretty much all back pain. It feels like my back is squeezing and pulling my body at the same time. My muscles want to tighten but I know the more I resist the less my body is able to do it’s job. They turn me to my side and that immediately makes me what to start pushing. They then put me on my back again and the urge to push takes over.

My water explodes at that moment. Which has never happened before! My team of nurses and doctor Reagan was there in a minute and it was time to start pushing for real.

They pull my legs back but I just want to tighten up everything. I tried so hard to relax. But my body was very much in pain. They asked me to push and I tried pushing and fighting past the pain. At this time I am yelling in pain. Every push brought more pain. It was so hard to motivate myself to keep pushing.

Then I saw the head. That gave me the energy I needed to push again. The body came out with the cord wrapped around the neck two times. The doctor quickly unwrapped the cord and asked me to push one more time. I pushed and with it came immediate relief and a little boy!!


We were so happy and so shocked. That is a huge motivator as well to find out what you are having.

I couldn’t stop crying from happiness and exhaustion. I love him. I love my family. I love my body that made this possible. I was overcome with gratitude and emotion. It’s really hard to describe. I just couldn’t stop crying.

At 7:41am he was born. And I looked at him and i knew he was Lukas. I don’t know why but it felt so right. Baby Lukas was here. And he was curled up on top of me. He was perfect.

7 lbs 15 oz.

7:41 am

19.75 inches

With a little patch of blonde hair. More than any of our other two kids! I just wanted to hold him forever and ever. His skin was so smooth and I soft. He looked a lot like Ian but not so swollen.

We had My amazing photographer friend there to capture this beautiful time for us. 

Honestly, after giving birth - I want to do it again. Am I crazy?? It’s a tough time, but also the most rewarding and memorable days in my life. I truly love the entire experience. Do you feel that way too or am I all on my lonesome on this one? 😂


We are so happy and so in love.

Just looking back at these photos brings tears to my eyes. I love having these memories. Thank you so much Victoria!! 

Would you ever have a birth photographer?

I would love to capture this time for you and your family! Give me a call or shoot me an email and we can chat about your birth story!