My list of Newborn Essentials


Okay so I have three kids, but that doesn’t mean I knew everything! I was researching all the must haves for babies and So far these are my favorite items that I love love. 

Dwell and slumber dress 

My first is my Dwell and Slumber dress. I was super hesitant because they are pretty pricey, but I decided to see if I liked it! 

And the conclusion: yes, yes i do. Especially when I was pregnant they were heavenly. I couldn’t wear pants! So these dresses were perfect and comfy. Exactly what I wanted and needed. 

And not only did I wear it then, after delivering Lukas - I wore it non stop at the hospital. It was easy and comfy and I could nurse with it on! I felt presentable when people visited without having to worry about pants or changing. I actually didn’t even wear my pjs I packed. I literally just wore my two dwell and slumber dresses while I was there. 

The silicone pump

Oh my gosh. This guy is my best best friend. I have a freezer full of milk already!! So here’s how it works: 

  • Make sure the pump is clean
  • Squeeze the bottom and place it over your nipple
  • when you let go, the suction will allow the pump to stay on your breast! 
  • As you are nursing the suction will help draw your milk and catch all the letdown you have. 
  • If you are super engorged, attach it to your breast and then let it do it’s magic!

I love that there aren’t any plugs. I love how easy and quick it is. I love how mobile this little guy it. And in no time you will have a stash of milk ready to go! 

Cloud Island Zippered pjs

So far my favorite pjs have been from target. We bought gender neutral ones because we didn’t know what we were having. But they are amazing. It zips top to bottom so at night I can just unzip his legs when changing his diaper. So easy!

Copper pearl jersey blanket

I love this blanket so much. It is jersey and so stretchy! I can bundle him up so cozy and tight. And it is super cute too. 

Snuggle Me Organic!!

Looooooove. If you are at all on Pinterest you probably heard of Dock a Tot. I for sure did and was obsessed. I looked at their website and eBay about every day. Should I get it? Should I not get it? was the question. 

In the end i couldn’t justify dropping $185 on the dock a tot. But instead I found the Snuggle Me! It is so amazing and comfy, it’s not exactly like the dock a tot. It creates more of a hug around the baby, and doesn’t have a padded bottom. It also is super easy to clean. You can take the cover off and wash that or throw the entire thing in the washer. 

I love it so much. I got it from Amazon with my 15% discount from their babylist for $80. Way way better than $185.  

Miss Fong Diaper Bag

I love love diaper bags. I wish I could have them all! I was obsessing about the Fawn diaper bag. It was so cute and everyone seemed to love it. But it was super expensive. There was no way I could justify that purchase! And the I found Miss Fong diaper bag. The reviews were amazing and seriously looks so much like the Fawn bag. 

I love the internal pockets, insulated pockets, and that it’s a backpack! More free hands with kids is ideal. This was only $50 on amazon! 

Thanks hubby for this birthday gift!!