The Gorgeous Ramsland Family | Lafayette Indiana

Where to start with this family?

  1. They are the sweetest human beings on the earth, amiright?

  2. They are os gorgeous and have the brightest smiles and eyes. You look at them and you are happy. You want to be around them because they make you feel loved. This is such an incredible talent to have.

  3. Their kids are amazing and so silly. I love them to pieces. I’ve seen them change and grow up over the years. And every single time I do, I am in awe of their beauty. I looooove their beautiful eyes and I loooove how goofy they are. I just want to have tickle fights with them!

This session was this Fall. And it was a cold one! Man, why was November so dang cold this year??? What happened? I seriously want to through a lasso around the sun and place it right about Indiana. Whose in with me?

Some tips based off of this awesome family and their session:

  • Wear layers! This allows you to put on and take off and switch up the feel of the photos

  • Textures are amazing. They give photos a new vibe and a depth.

  • Schedule your session during sunset!!!! This is my golden rule. If you want these gorgeous photos, then we need that glow and that warmness coming in.

  • Laugh a lot and tickle even more. Tickling is THE BEST. They get the kids all having fun and you get these amazing, beautiful, raw moments where you are MOM and you are DAD. Your relationships come spewing out all over the place. It’s amazing.

  • Wear something SPARKLY. MAN. I can’t tell you how much I love Hannah’s Gorgeous sparkly shirt. It’s amazing!!

I just had to share these gorgeous photos with you!!! PS. Anyone need gift cards for next year?? FIND THEM HERE.