Wife. Mom. 27. Indiana based photographer.

Well hello there. I’m Vanessa!

I’ve always tried to plan my life - but I’ve learned that I really know nothing and that God has much different ideas for me. This path led me to from Wisconsin to Indiana - and I cannot be more grateful for this. Here is where I met and fell in love with a super hunky man. He has always encouraged, supported, laughed at, and hugged me when I needed it most. This path has led me on incredible journeys, all right here in Lafayette! 

Purdue, Treefrog Marketing, my beautiful babes, and our first home. Lafayette and God has been so good to us. He has taught me to embrace His plans and trust Him completely. And that Is exactly what I have done with Pearl Photo & Design.

So, welcome friends. I am thrilled you stopped by my little corner of the inter webs. So here’s the nitty gritty details: 

  • I am a midwest girl. I grew up in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana who finds happiness in simplicity 
  • I am super easy to please and love trying new things. 
  • I am a wife to my hunky husband, Curt.
  • 99% of our time is spent wrangling kids, watching Friends, and goofing around.
  • I worked at Coldstone all through high school and have a deep love for all things ice cream. My favorite from Coldstone is Sweet Cream + Raspberry. And I pretty much love all of SilverDipper’s ice cream flavors. 
  • Whenever we are in a car trip, all I can see are new places to photograph. 

Enough about me! Tell me about you.

Let’s chat and capture some beautiful memories together!

Fun Facts

  • I married my dream man on 8.6.10 (best day ever!)
  • I have 2 babies (4&2) and one on the way!!
  • My middle name is Jo
  • I have a large collection of Herbal Teas
  • If I had time, I would play volleyball and soccer on the regular
  • I could eat sushi every single day
  • I am a Maskcara rep on the side!
  • I never set an alarm in the morning

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