The Process




I love this part! I love learning about your family, your life, and what makes you unique. Here we can chat about what you are looking for and to make sure were are a good fit! At this time I can give you a more accurate quote. The session fee is required to officially book your session with Pearl Photo & Design. 



Yay!! It’s finally here. This is your time to just enjoy each other. Portrait sessions have a relaxed feel and are designed to be fun and memorable. It will be a major snuggle fest, that’s for sure! I guartenee turn around time to be 2 weeks. The first time you will see your portraits will be at your Viewing and Ordering Appointment, where we will design your custom Album and Wall Galleries - all with Archival Grade Papers.



I cannot tell you how amazing your reveal session will be. It has become a passion of mine to work individually with all of my clients and custom design their Heirloom Albums and Wall Art.

“From this session, when I was seeing the photos, I broke down into tears. Vanessa showed me something that was already in front of me more clearly and beautiful that it took my breath away.”

- Victoire

This is what I live for - to take your breath away and showcase your life in a way that instantly brings joy to your life.

Why invest in heirloom prints?

The beauty in printed photos

This is a common question and I totally get it! Digitals have an important role for sharing on social media and for backups - that’s why all purchased photos come with matching digital copies. But over the past 10 years and being a mom of three, those photos get forgotten and lost on the computer. If I don’t print them, they won’t be experienced.

With my Heirloom Prints and Albums, you get to relive these memories every single day, in the best possible way. And I build these albums with your family in mind, imagining your littles reading them with their chubby fingers and with your family displaying them at home. And every time you do, love will flood your heart. Joy will fill your home.

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LET’s Plan Your session.