Your Photography Experience

Has anyone ever mentioned how fast these moments will go? How newborns will only be little for a blink of an eye? Well, being a mom of three - I can tell you they are not lying one bit. In one month from now, or a few years, you will wonder how this human being was actually growing inside of you. You will begin to forget those little features that you starred at for countless hours after their birth. 

But I can help you with that. I can give you something magical - the gift of time. Not only capturing your beautiful baby, but preserving those precious details so that you can take them with you forever. Those little fingers, flaky skin, pouty lips, curly toes, round belly, fleeting smiles - will all be frozen for you in the most simple and pure way. 


My Approach

Over the years, I have honed in on my love for clean and simple photographs that highlight all the details you want to remember. I use natural fabrics and setups to emphasize your little one and create a timeless gallery that you will be proud to hang on your walls. My heart flutters for the natural, raw photos that bring back all of these emotional memories. I want to capture YOUR beautiful child because their details and characteristics are like no other’s. 

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Portrait Sessions start at $395

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