Hello there gorgeous.

I see you there. Wondering if you could even have photos like this. If you are pretty enough, skinny enough, anything enough. First of all, shake that thought off!! This experience is for EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN. Girl, our bodies are so perfect and so unique. Let’s celebrate our differences and learn to feel beautiful in the skin we have! I am SO passionate about this. I want to be your cheerleader, your friend, your person that always sees the best in you — and eventually I hope you see it too!

97% of women at least once a day, says or thinks something negative about their body. WHHHHATTTT. This is NOT okay! This not only limits our perception of self worth, it creates an environment of continual negativity. Let’s stop that pattern right here and right now. Let’s celebrate who you are, what you have overcome, and where you are going. Let’s do this!

About Vanessa

My goal, as a woman and a professional photographer, is to impact the life of my gorgeous clients and change the how women see themselves: as confident, strong, and stunning.

This passion project of mine truly has my heart and soul. I am here to help you see what I see and re-experience these feelings over and over again with printed treasures.

50 years from now, you will look back and say “WHAT A FOX.”



Pamper yourself with an unforgettable experience where self-love, confidence and the celebration of your body takes priority. Be adventurous, and get ready to fall in love with yourself.