I’ve been a photographer in Lafayette, Indiana for 7 years now. It has been amazing. I have met SO many families and adorable newborns. And my expertise and affection for newborn sessions has blossomed from the beginning, when I began shadowing and taking classes. There is something about handling these perfect human beings and capturing the details that us mothers always want in our minds. That is so so so special to me. So I’ve mostly done newborns in my studio. That seems to be what most people are comfortable with. I mean, come on! We just had a baby, there’s no way I am going to let a photographer enter my disrupted home to take photos 😱 lol I totally get it. But honestly, the homes that I am welcomed into for newborn sessions are real homes. They have real human beings living there. And most homes have a little bit of chaos going on! #truth

So here’s my secret. I hide all the cords and little trinkets and random toys, under the bed or move them to a corner I’m not using. And then VOILA. It’s as though you home was clean the entire time. And I like to focus on a few areas and then look for areas with gorgeous light.

I was thrilled when Naia’s mom opted for a lifestyle session. It’s so easy on the family and easy when they have other siblings involved as well. It’s in your own home, your own environment. It’s relaxed and so so special. So typically what I do is:

  • Have the baby nice and full
  • Wrapped up and then then family climbs into a bed
  • They all  cuddle and play and laugh and coo over their new baby
  • Then we’ll do just sibling shots
  • Then mom shots ❤️
  • Then dad shots
  • Then for this session, grandparent shots as well
  • Then we move into just the baby. So now the toddler can roam around or hang out with me. And everyone can relax a bit.
  • I’ll bring along a basket for a little variety
  • Detail shots
  • And then we end in their nursery with some more natural shots

It’s so special and I love love coming into your home, to feel all the tender emotions going on. Every home has a unique story to tell.

If you are interested in a lifestyle newborn session, shoot me an email. I’d love to chat with you!

Now on to Naia’s lifestyle newborn session. Gah! So gorgeous.