Arman was so sweet, and so alert! He loved watching his brother climb about and survey the room. I was so intrigued by the camera and all the new things around him. It was so cute!

We were able to capture some incredible shots of the family, brothers, and little Arman.

Some tips for photographing with a 2 year old sibling:

  • Be flexible with the session! Toddlers when they are 2 really are in their own world. I kind of shape the family shots around them and what they are able to handle at the time.
  • Parent be willing to bribe. This was key to getting some good shots of the two brothers. I had a stash of candy nearby and he was willing to smile if he was rewarded with a piece of candy! But you can’t draw out the reward too long or they will not have it.
  • Parents be willing to step out of the room. Arman and his Big Brother were up for photos. Arman was a normal 2 year old boy and was loving the attention. To calm him down, his parents left the room and I was able to get some adorable shots of just him and his brother. Sometimes 2 year olds behave better when parents aren’t in the room for the photos.
  • Try not to get upset. This is a toughy. 2 year olds don’t have the capacity to negotiate or reason. You have to be patient and calm, otherwise their temper may show in the photos.

This family was amazing and were so calm and collected! They love each other so much and you can definitely tell in the photos.

What are some helpful things you use for photographing 2 year olds?

Let me know if you need a photographer! I would love to chat and see what you are looking for.

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I have been photographing this family for years. And it has been a treasure being there for them and seeing their beautiful family grow.


SO many good memories. And this family session was no different. We giggled, and tickled, and tackled and captured moments that are so perfect. I am honored to be their photographer and am honored that they keep coming back! If you ever want to fill your photographer with all the feels, show them by continuing to be their client. It really means so much to me that they trust me with their family memories.

Love this little adorable family! Can’t wait to see what ones they print.

If you are interested in family photos, fill out the form below! I’d love love to be your photographer.

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I just had to share this maternity session. The lighting, the family – it is all perfect! And so much fun. I love working with the older kiddos. They follow directions and even though they pretend not to like it – they do actually like getting their photos taken!! I promise.

Amy and her family actually drove up from the Indy area because a friend at IU Health Arnett showed them their photos I took of them. I was so honored to be able to be apart of this time for them and to be referred by a past client. If you ever want to compliment a photographer, sharing their info is golden. It just makes their hearts sing.

This journey will be so great for them because 10) Amy is having a girl!!!! And 2) she has some awesome helpers to help her out. She is going to have a blast and I can’t wait to meet the little one. It will be amazing.  Thanks so much for sharing this time with me Amy!

I actually first started working with Jeff when him and his wife we expecting their first! They were adorable and so so excited to be parents. And then we had their lifestyle newborn session, which was so sweet and so tender. They were a perfect little family. They love their little chunk so much.

Fast forward a few months, this is what Jeff emailed me:

You did maternity and newborn photos for Cass and me earlier in the year, and I absolutely loved the way they turned out. I’ve never looked so good!

Man. What a compliment! And now, Jeff is getting ready to publish a book!! EEEK. So dang exciting. It is published in May, I believe? Correct me if I’m wrong, Jeff!

So he needed some new headshots for his marketing team. And of course I was thrilled to help out. And he had such a great idea – let’s go to the library! Well duh, that makes so much sense. I was even more thrilled.

And his shots turned out phenomenal. I am so excited to share them with him. Before he had a friend takes his portraits, and I told him he will definitely notice a huge difference with these!

Lafayette Indiana Professional Headshots Lafayette Indiana Professional Headshots Lafayette Indiana Professional Headshots Lafayette Indiana Professional Headshots Lafayette Indiana Professional Headshots


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I am full swing into family photo sessions this season – and I love every single second of it. I mentioned on my Facebook page that this family is one in a million. And I feel like during family sessions, I gain a lot of tips/inspiration for how to raise a family. I was in awe of their kids. They were SO sweet and caring to one another. It was amazing to see their family adore their littlest sister. I’ve never seen so much love before!

Amy, how did you do it? And with so many kids! It is amazing. YOU are amazing. I think people are serious when they ask for a book about your parenting tricks. It would be devoured.

So this family session took me a little longer because we shot over 620 images during this one hour session 😱 I couldn’t believe it!! And they are all gorgeous. It was really really hard narrowing down my favorites to 197 😱 images. Man! I couldn’t believe those numbers. Typically during a family session, I’ll end up favoriting and editing 50-60 photos. This was way way more. Granted they had more people in the family, but STILL.

It just shows how beautiful they all are and how fun we had! We were laughing the whole time. That’s what I love about photographing families. They are hilarious!

I do have a few more openings for my Fall Minis on October 28th Email me if you are still interested! and I can get you in the books.



I met Victoria 3 years ago? I believe. V – correct me if I’m wrong lol. And she is just a charmer. You want to be near her and LIKE her. She is a genuine and caring person and I am so blessed to have met her and to have her friendship in my life. And I have also watched Victoria grow and blossom her own photography business, Luminant Photography, and it has been incredible to see her develop and learn. She is now one of my closest photog friends and she is definitely creative motivation and teacher as well! She is so dedicated to her clients and is so fun to be with during her session.

And photographing her family is no different. We laughed and goofed around the entire time. And look at them! All three of them are gorgeous. This is a beautiful beautiful family. I had googly eyes the entire time!! No joke right there.

And of course, their pup is a born model. She knows how to create all the flattering poses for herself. Lots of practice I am sure 😂 I love these guys so much and I love being their photographer (we swap photos on the regular!!)


Have you thought about bringing your pup along to your family session? It’s a lot of fun and creates some beautiful memories! Some tips to think about if you want to:

  1. Think about bringing a friend along to watch them while you take along photos.
  2. Treats are always handy, but not necessary. I don’t think Zach and Victoria had to bring any at all. Haddie is just amazing like that – like I said…Practice!!
  3. Cuddle lots with your pup. I love the natural shots of you and your family cuddling your little furry child.
  4. If you don’t want to bring a friend to watch, you could tie their leash up or I’ve had friends bring a crate as well.

If you have any questions, let me know! I’d love to work with your beautiful family for your next family photo session.

Family Photographer Lafayette Indiana Family Photographer Lafayette Indiana Family Photographer Lafayette Indiana Family Photographer Lafayette Indiana Family Photographer Lafayette Indiana


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I was delighted and

impressed when I received an email from this family! It was Pamela’s birthday and her husband was gifting her a mini family session! What a dang sweetie. He knows how much Pamela (and pretty much all women in general) love their family photos. And another thing is that I am ALWAYS honored when my clients continue to return for more photos. That has to be the best and biggest compliment you can give me. It brings the feels to my heart for sure.

So we timed this family session in the evening, when the sun was just beginning to set. It was glorious and the weather was perfect. Their family is so full of love for each other, and they glow when they are together. All three of them – just a cute, glowy family. And these photos are so sweet and I hope they frame them everywhere!!

Happy Birthday Pamela!!!

They also nailed their outfits for their family photos. They had one piece that was patterned and tied in both the white and the blues that were worn. They weren’t competing for attention. Their outfits allowed them to be the focus! If you ever need help deciding what to wear – just shoot me a text or message and we can find something together.

If you want a fun, exciting gift idea – I would love to be your photographer. We could even plan it secretly OR I can give you a gift card to gift to them on their special day. Just email me and let me know!

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My Watch Me Grow packages are my number one newborn package. The basic package includes the newborn session, the 6 month session, and a one year session. Not only is it so fun for me, but the parents thoroughly enjoy capturing these photos during their babe’s ever changing life. At 6 months old, they are smiling, beginning to crawl and sit up, and learn a lot of new things. It’s an exciting time! And I personally think they get cuter and cuter with each little roll they add on.

Greer was no exception. This beautiful little babe has such a sweet personality and a love for life. Her parents adore her and fill her with so much love. Her dad loves carrying her around in the little baby carrier and letting her chew away on the chew pad.

This was a beautiful session for a beautiful family. I can’t wait to see her in 6 months months for her newborn session!

Lafayette Family Photographer Lafayette Family Photographer 6 month milestone photographer 6 month milestone photographer lafayette indiana family photographer lafayette indiana family photographer lafayette indiana family photographer lafayette indiana family photographer lafayette indiana family photographer lafayette indiana family photographer lafayette indiana family photographer



I’ve been a photographer in Lafayette, Indiana for 7 years now. It has been amazing. I have met SO many families and adorable newborns. And my expertise and affection for newborn sessions has blossomed from the beginning, when I began shadowing and taking classes. There is something about handling these perfect human beings and capturing the details that us mothers always want in our minds. That is so so so special to me. So I’ve mostly done newborns in my studio. That seems to be what most people are comfortable with. I mean, come on! We just had a baby, there’s no way I am going to let a photographer enter my disrupted home to take photos 😱 lol I totally get it. But honestly, the homes that I am welcomed into for newborn sessions are real homes. They have real human beings living there. And most homes have a little bit of chaos going on! #truth

So here’s my secret. I hide all the cords and little trinkets and random toys, under the bed or move them to a corner I’m not using. And then VOILA. It’s as though you home was clean the entire time. And I like to focus on a few areas and then look for areas with gorgeous light.

I was thrilled when Naia’s mom opted for a lifestyle session. It’s so easy on the family and easy when they have other siblings involved as well. It’s in your own home, your own environment. It’s relaxed and so so special. So typically what I do is:

  • Have the baby nice and full
  • Wrapped up and then then family climbs into a bed
  • They all  cuddle and play and laugh and coo over their new baby
  • Then we’ll do just sibling shots
  • Then mom shots ❤️
  • Then dad shots
  • Then for this session, grandparent shots as well
  • Then we move into just the baby. So now the toddler can roam around or hang out with me. And everyone can relax a bit.
  • I’ll bring along a basket for a little variety
  • Detail shots
  • And then we end in their nursery with some more natural shots

It’s so special and I love love coming into your home, to feel all the tender emotions going on. Every home has a unique story to tell.

If you are interested in a lifestyle newborn session, shoot me an email. I’d love to chat with you!

Now on to Naia’s lifestyle newborn session. Gah! So gorgeous. 

Gah! This amazingly beautiful little person is growing up so fast. I’ve treasured each and every session I’ve had with her this past year. It’s amazing how fast they grow and change. But I can still see features from her newborn session. Absolute perfection.

That’s why the Watch Me Grow sessions are so special. They include: Newborn Session, 3 Month Session, 6 Month Session, 9 Month Session, and 12 month session!! So special to capture these incredible memorials.

And I’ve never seen such gorgeous eyes. They are incredible. Both her and her sister are blessed!! And her cheeks are just perfect. You want to pinch them at least once a day. But what is the best about her is her sweet sweet disposition. She is so gentle and loves to be cuddled. She loves her mom so much.

If you are browsing around and are interested in booking a milestone session, email me!